PVC Tubing

Lapp Tannehill offers a full line of PVC tubing. Browse through our online catalog or select any of our PVC tubing products below.

HS-101 PVC Tubing
Used for Strain relief of wire splices, terminals, and wire connections. Electrical insulation and protection of components. Identifying wire, cables, terminals, etc.
HS-105 PVC Tubing
Applications requiring smooth, tight-fitting, aesthetic coverings, especially for products with irregular shapes.
HS-105 x .032 PVC Tubing
Used in applications requiring a heavier wall to provide additional support for splices and terminations. Applications requiring an extra level of abrasion and impact resistance.
4900 PVC Tubing
Bundling and protecting wire harnesses. Electrical insulation of wire splices, terminals, and connectors. Protection against chafing. Ground strap protection.
4900 x .032 PVC Tubing
Applications requiring compliance with UL specifications for .032” spacing between components. Protecting wire harnesses. Insulating wire splices, terminals, and connectors.

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