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PTFE Tubing

Lapp Tannehill supplies a variety of PTFE tubing products. Browse our full line in our catalog or select any of our PTFE tubing products below.

PTFE Tubing
Very lubricious – Lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer. Working temperature range -454°F (-270°C) to 500°F (260°C). Chemically resistant (all common solvents, acids, and bases). Excellent dielectric insulation properties.
FEP Tubing
Excellent coefficient of friction, chemically resistant and inert, gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave sterilizable, maximum working temperature 400°F (204°C), excellent transmission of ultraviolet rays.
PFA/MFA Tubing
Excellent clarity and flexibility, maximum working temperature 500°F (260°C), combines attributes of PTFE and FEP, chemically resistant to all common solvents, maintains a mechanical strength at high temperatures.
2:1 PTFE Heat Shrink
See attached link for specs on the 2:1 PTFE heat shrink.
1.3:1 FEP Heat Shrink
See attached link for specs on the 1.3:1 FEP heat shrink.
1.6:1 FEP Heat Shrink
See attached link for specs on the 1.6:1 FEP heat shrink.
PTFE/FEP Dual-Shrink® Tubing
Fluoropolymer PTFE/FEP is constructed with an exterior of heat shrink PTFE and an inner layer of FEP. It is easy to apply, and is designed to provide a tight, moisture-proof bond over wires, cables, connectors, splices, terminals, etc.
PEEK™ Tubing
Ideal replacement for stainless steel for weight and chemical compatibility, exceptional torsional stability, thermoformable, resistant to gamma radiation, high burst pressure, high repeat autoclavability.

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