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Motor & Drive Cable

Browse our full line of flexible control cables in our product catalog or select any of our motor and drive cable products below.

Extremely oil resistant and robust, shielded motor cable for VFD drives. The jacket is also excellent at low temperatures, passing both the UL -25ºC Cold Impact and the -40º Cold Bend tests.
Reduced diameter shielded motor cable for VFD Drives. It is designed with “Lapp Surge Guard” semi-conductive material to hold up to nonlinear power distortions associated with VFD drives.
ÖLFLEX® VFD with Signal
VFD with Signal is an extremely oil resistant, UV resistant shielded motor cable for VFD Drives. It has an additional shielded pair for VFD drives with a brake or temperature sensor.
ÖLFLEX® VFD Symmetrical
VFD drive and motor connections for large HP applications, HVAC, Large presses, any on/off applications using a VFD drive and motor.
Motor connections for servo motors, machine tool, food & beverage, automotive, pick-n-place, packaging industry, multi-axis machinery and material handling.


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