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Whether you are designing machinery for that important international customer, specifying mobile power solutions on the factory floor, or planning outdoor power distribution systems, connectors can help provide a safe and effective solution.


• Installation time savings
• Reduce maintenance downtime
• Secure electrical connections

There are dozens of connector varieties and thousands of individual connectors, and even experienced engineers can find it difficult to select the right connector. Connector confusion can be minimized by gathering information on four key technical factors. Read More.

pdf quick select guide (PDF)

Product Solutions
Rectangular Connectors pdf Rectangular Connectors (PDF)

Custom housing modifications, harness assemblies, and a comprehensive offering of cable and accessory products.

Circular Connectors pdf Circular Connectors (PDF)

One of the most application-friendly connector series available, and ensures quick and easy assembly, reliability, and long uninterrupted service life.

Pin & Sleeve Connectors

pdf Pin & Sleeve Connectors (PDF)

Designed to meet the power connectivity requirements for a wide variety of industrial applications. 

Connector Kits pdf Connector Kits (PDF)

Kit includes all components needed to make electrical connection.

Connectors Enable Lower-Cost Machines

Using connectors gives engineers the flexibility to create modular machines that are faster and less expensive to build. In this approach to machine design, common subsystems and components can be pre-built, tested, and stocked for installation. Learn More