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Medical Cable & Wire - Lapp Tannehill

Medical Wire & Cable You Can Trust

Lapp Tannehill offers medical wire, cable, and tubing that are used in manufacturing cable assemblies for the medical device industry, as well as other various areas in the medical industry. We understand that you need the highest quality and most reliable wire and cable when designing medical devices, which is why we only offer quality medical components that meet medical industry quality standards, including:

  • ISO 9001 certified to meet highest quality standards
  • Traceability of manufacturing to meet FDA requirements
  • USP Class VI materials available
  • PVC and phthalate-free options to meet RoHS2, WEEE, and REACH requirements


Medical Wire & Cable Solutions

With wire and cable creating those critical connections between signals and power, you need to trust that they will deliver. Lapp Tannehill supplies the quality products you trust and the excellent customer service you need.

Applications for Medical Wire & Cable


Medical Heat Shrink Tubing Solutions

Lapp Tannehill supplies medical heat shrink tubing that provides a versatile solution for process aids, bonding of joints, chemical resistance, and electromechanical protection for critical medical components. We have several products to suit different materials requirements and almost any design situation.

Features of Medical Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Thin-Wall Polyolefin
  • High Temperature
  • Flexible & Semi-Rigid Fluoropolymers
  • Dual-Wall Constructions
  • Controlled Longitudinal shrinkage
  • Clear & Color Constructions
  • Radiopaque
  • USP Class VI Certified

Medical Tubing Applications

  • Abrasion Protection for Medical Instruments
  • Balloon and Stent Process Aid
  • Laparoscopic-Electrosurgical Device Insulation
  • Protection and Insulation fo Highly Flexible Joints
  • Sterilization Versatility


Medical Wire & Cable Guide Medical Tubing Guide


ECOGEN: Eco-Friendly, High Performing Wire and Cable Guide
EcoGen offers smaller diameter solutions that results in easier routing, while still maintaining proper flexibility.

Medical Tubing Reference Guide


TE Connectivity Medical Tubing Guide
TE’s family of medical grade tubing products are useful in meeting various application requirements found in medical devices and components.


Medical Device Wire and Cable Portfolio Micro Coaxial Cable


Alpha Wire: Medical Devices – Wire and Cable Portfolio
Selecting the right cable and wire solutions when designing the latest medical devices is paramount to ensuring that your products continue to earn a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance. Alpha Wire’s wire, cable, tubing, and accessories allow you to create the critical interconnections for signals and power—with the performance you need and the reliability you require.


AlphaWire: Micro Coaxial Cable Specs
Alpha’s micro coaxial cable is a great space-saving solution that makes routing easier in applications such as medical probes, endoscopy systems, oximetry systems, industrial inspection, and more.


ODU Medical Solutions ODU Mini Overmolded Connector
ODU Medical Solutions - Lapp Tannehill


ODU – The Connector Specialist
ODU products offer consistent failure protection and the dependable transmission of signals, power, data, and media such as air, liquids or even light waves. The perfect solution for a variety of applications in the daily medical environment.

ODU Mini-Med Connector - Lapp Tannehill


ODU Mini-Med
The over-molded connector for measurement and testing industrial and medical devices. This assembled plastic connection will come in handy when a light, space-saving and watertight cable assembly is required.


Steinel Heat Guns


Steinel Heat Guns
Applying shrink tubing and connectors. Plastic welding and repair. Shaping and bending plastic pipes and parts. Soldering, packaging, and stripping paint.


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