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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sales

Information regarding all purchase orders, agreements, discussions, negotiations, proposals, or communications between the parties and constitute the entire final contract between the parties.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase Orders

Information regarding Lapp Tannehill’s purchase orders and any third party sellers, including seller’s acknowledgment, communication, or other forms precede or succeed this document.

Website Use Terms & Conditions

Use and restrictions for website content, information, and other materials which are on Lapp Tannehill’s website.

E-Shop Terms & Conditions

Outlines additional terms and conditions of sale in relation to Lapp tannehill’s E-commerce website.

Lapp Tannehill Privacy Policy

Statement regarding privacy, and the web activities conducted by Lapp Tannehill and the rights of individuals or legal entities to prevent misuse of information.

Lapp Tannehill Cookie Policy

Information on cookies that uses.

Disclaimer for Printed Literature & Websites

Lapp Tannehill’s Statement regarding printed literature and website information.