About Us

Lapp Tannehill Company PhotoWith 60 years of experience, Lapp Tannehill stocks, supplies, and distributes wire, cable, tubing, connectors, and other related products and material. Serving domestic and international customers, we are headquartered out of Savage, Minnesota, with sales teams across the country, and additional distribution centers in Nevada and Texas.

Lapp Tannehill is an operating affiliate of LAPP, a global network of companies, which successfully develops, manufactures, and distributes 8 product lines and 40,000+ products.

Our broad range of products from LAPP and other well-known manufacturers and suppliers offers solutions to a wide range of industries, including equipment manufacturing, building and contractors, aerospace, military and defense, automotive, transportation, construction, medical, oil and gas, renewable energy, lighting manufacturing, and security.

In addition to innovative and forward-thinking product solutions, we also provide additional services to accommodate special requirements or specifications, including wire striping, dying, twisting, cut pieces, re-spooling to specific put-ups, and kitting.