Olflex Wire & Cable
Olflex Wire and Cable is a leader in the design and manufacture of wire, cable and related products. Olflex wire, Olflex cable and Olflex tubing are stocked at Lapp Tannehill, where we are proud to fulfill your requirements for Olflex products. We process all of your orders for Olflex Wire and Cable products in a friendly and prompt manner.

Lapp Tannehill is a master distributor of Olflex wire, Olflex cable, Olflex tubing and Olflex cable assemblies. We carry an extensive inventory of Olflex wire, Olflex cable and Olflex Tubing to meet your wire, cable and tubing needs.
As an authorized master distributor / distributors of Olflex wire and Olflex cable, Lapp Tannehill supplies the industry leading brands that Olflex Wire and Cable manufactures, Whether it is a standard Olflex cable or a one of a kind solution you can be assured of the superior construction from Olflex wire and cables decades of experience manufacturing Olflex Wire and Olflex Cable.

Lapp Tannehill specializes in nonstandard items not found within the Olflex Wire Master Catalog. Come to Lapp Tannehill for all of your custom Olflex Wire and cable requirements. By using Olflex wire, Olflex cable and Olflex tubing in your products you are guaranteed a defect free, high quality product.

Lapp Tannehillís value added services include, respooling, striping, dyeing, cut and stripping, printing, custom packaging and Bar Code Labeling, of your Olflex wire, Olflex cable or Olflex tubing.

Lapp Tannehill Wire and Cable is a stocking Olflex Wire and cable distributor that is here to serve you with your wire and cable needs! Make Lapp Tannehill your first stop for all of your quality Olflex wire, Olflex cable or Olflex Tubing requirements.

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Olflex Wire and Cable

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